SimpleCrew and You: The Concert Promoter

Our goal at SimpleCrew is, well, simple. We want to make your field team more effective, and more accountable.


Street teams are close to our heart. In fact, SimpleCrew itself was inspired by the problems we felt while working and managing street teams. We’ve spent years managing grassroots marketing campaigns on behalf of our favorite concert promoters, festivals, and brands. We’ve been there, felt the pain, and are here to help.

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Private Launch.

In February, we set out to build a solution that would help mobile teams be more effective, and more accountable. The inefficiency we found was something we had encountered personally through our experiences on marketing teams. In conversation after conversation with teams across many industries, we found the the problem persisted.

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What is SimpleCrew?

The SimpleCrew Story:


A few years ago, our co-founder Alan was a regional brand manager for Red Bull. He managed those teams of Red Bull reps who would go around and sample Red Bull in the field. At the same time, his mother Tara worked in the field as an agricultural scientist with the USDA. Over time, Alan and his mother realized their jobs shared something in common – photos and reports from the field played a vital role in both their processes.

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Hello World!

Welcome to the SimpleCrew Blog 🙂


It’s been an exciting 2012 for us here at SimpleCrew. Since our founding, we’ve been hacking and hustling with laser focus, and have set an exciting pace for ourselves as we round the corner on our 3rd month.
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