SimpleCrew v1.1: Coming Soon

It’s been weeks in the making, and the time is almost upon us! We’re pumped for the upcoming release of SimpleCrew v1.1 – our fully rebuilt mobile apps for iPhone and Android!


v1.1 will be faster, smoother, and include the new upload-from-camera-roll feature. Check out these teaser screenshots, and keep posted for the release announcement coming soon 🙂


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Street Team 101: Part 4 – Street Team Marketing Ideas

Street Team Marketing Ideas and Action - SimpleCrew Street Team 101

This is the fourth post in the “Street Team 101” series

1. How To Recruit a Street Team.
2. How To Prepare a Street Team.
3. How To Incentivize a Street Team.
4. Street Team Marketing Ideas. <= You are here!
5. Street Team Communication.

Bonus: 3 Awesome Apps for Street Team Communication.
Bonus: 6 Street Team Software Applications To Help You Manage Your Street Team.

So now you’ve got a street team (which you’re recruiting continuously), you’ve onboarded them smoothly with a welcome pack and street team orientation meeting, and your team knows exactly what’s in it for them.

You’re ready to roll, let’s put your street team to work.

These days, the work street teams do is divided between two camps: online and offline marketing.

The distinction is simple enough, with online affecting your digital presence on social networks, message boards, and calendar sites, and offline efforts generating awareness for you via printed marketing materials in the real world.

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