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All Good Music Festival (Doing it Right!)

I have a special place in my heart for All Good Music Festival.

8 years ago, during the summer before my junior year of high school, a group of friends and I from my hometown headed to Masontown, WV for the 9th annual All Good Festival, and were treated to a music festival experience of a lifetime.

In some ways, that festival shaped my life.

That year, All Good exposed me to a lifestyle and community that I grew to love. Over the next 6-7 years, my life revolved around that community. With friends from home and school I followed my favorite bands around the country and bounced from festival to festival during the summers. All Good was a staple every year – I only missed one in the 8 years since.

All Good’s host company All Good Presents (formerly Walther Productions) gave me my first job in the music industry – a winter internship during my Sophomore year at University of Maryland. In their home office outside Frederick, MD, I met Tim, Junipa, Mook, Brett, and Blake – the team behind All Good and the numerous local shows between VA, MD, and DC.

With them, I had the chance to peak behind the curtain and learn about the industry I loved. From booking to marketing to production, I learned what went in to making the magic happen on stage. It was awesome.

After the internship, I continued working with All Good Presents as a street teamer for local shows around DC and Baltimore. It was a beautiful arrangement, the only way I could’ve afforded to go to all the amazing concerts All Good Presents was putting on every month.

It was from those experiences that I grew to love street teaming, and it was from that love that SimpleCrew was born.

So, in how I partied with my friends, then got my first job, and now in this very startup, All Good played a role in shaping my life.

Back in November when SimpleCrew launched, I started speaking with Jeff, All Good’s Marketing Director, about the app. After 3-4 months of back and forth, Jeff and the All Good team signed up, bringing again the recurring theme of All Good in my life. It’s a full circle of sorts.

It’s been a thrill watching them dominate the midwest with their street team using the app. To date they have over 500 photos posted from 50 team members across 9 different states, and they’re growing every day.

A picture is worth 1000 words though, so I’ll let this one do the talking. It’s amazing to see, and I couldn’t be more proud. Thanks, All Good! 🙂

Street teams

This Is How You Manage A Street Team

This is too good, we had to share it… For over half a year now, our number one homies at Blackspy Marketing have been crussssshing it with SimpleCrew on behalf of their growing roster of music festivals, concert venues, artists, and promoters who turn to Blackspy when they need marketing done right. One of Blackspy’s more well known clients is Live Nation Colorado, the regional concert-promotion arm of Live Nation Entertainment – the worlds largest concert promoter, ticketing agency, and talent management conglomerate in the world. Yesterday, Jon (Blackspy Founder/President) forwarded us a copy of the weekly recap emails he sends to Live Nation Denver. We couldn’t help but take pride in it – Jon’s showing us and Live Nation what’s possible when a well orchestrated street team pushes SimpleCrew to the limit. In Jon’s own words, “SimpleCrew is the perfect tool for street team accountability. It gives us quantitative data to pass along to managers, production companies and festival producers. The app allows us to strengthen our bonds between our most respected clients.” Check it out 🙂 ———- Forwarded message ———- From: J.E. <[email protected]> Date: Wed, May 22, 2013 at 10:59 PM Subject: LiveNation x SimpleCrew update :: Week of May 22, 2013 To: G.F. <[email protected]>, E.C. <[email protected]>M.A. <[email protected]>
Here is the latest updates of SimpleCrew campaigns.
You can see when each campaign was created and # of logs per show.
Name Created # Logs # People
1/22 Justin Timberlake 05/16/13 2 38
11/09 Rihanna 05/21/13 0 39
5/16 Imagine Dragons 03/05/13 33 30
5/18 Limp Bizkit 04/08/13 73 34
5/18 Miranda Lambert/Dierks Bentley 03/05/13 60 34
5/29 Dropkick Murphrys 04/08/13 101 38
5/31 & 6/1 Bassnectar 03/05/13 88 34
6.01 Rocky Mountain Roller Girls 05/21/13 2 39
6.07 Summer Jam 05/21/13 1 39
6.09 Celtic Woman 05/21/13 0 39
6/01 Daniel Tosh 03/14/13 50 38
6/03 The xx 02/11/13 87 38
6/05 Sting 02/11/13 149 38
6/07 Umphrey’s McGee 03/25/13 178 39
6/11 Pitbull & Ke$ha 04/17/13 31 38
6/15 Tim McGraw 04/17/13 24 38
6/19 Barenaked Ladies 05/08/13 9 38
6/30 Warped Tour ’13 04/26/13 34 38
7/07 Mayhem Festival 04/17/13 26 38
7/15 Matchbox Twenty & Goo Goo Dolls 04/17/13 15 38
7/15 Tracy Morgan 05/21/13 2 39
7/18 Cirque Du Soleil 04/08/13 107 38
7/23 Wiz Khalifa 05/14/13 1 38
7/26 Hollywood Undead 05/08/13 0 38
7/29 311 05/13/13 6 38
7/31 Bob Dylan 05/08/13 15 38
8/01 Brad Paisley 05/13/13 1 38
8/01 HARD Presents 03/14/13 109 38
8/02 Rush 03/14/13 42 38
8/03 Kid Rock 04/24/13 3 38
8/03 Thievery Corporation 05/10/13 37 38
8/05 Gipsy Kings 04/17/13 16 38
8/09 Brian Regan 02/11/13 40 38
8/20 Heart 05/16/13 0 38
9/05 alt j 04/24/13 31 38
9/06 & 9/07 STS9 04/09/13 46 38
9/13 Lotus 04/09/13 133 38
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Product updates

New Feature Update – Upload from Web!

Today we’re proud to announce a new feature – Upload from Web.

Using Upload from Web, your team members can upload photos and screenshots to your SimpleCrew campaigns directly from our website,

This is powerful, because for the first time, your team members without smart phones will be able to participate in SimpleCrew campaigns, and all your team members will be able to upload screenshots of work done online, whether that’s Facebook posts, event invites, tweets, etc…

Fun fact: all photos taken by smartphones have GPS location and time info baked into their metadata. Upload from Web reads that information and will plot them on the campaign map and timeline automatically 🙂

Try it free for 14 days at