SimpleCrew Story

SimpleCrew’s SaaS Metrics Dashboard

Check it out – here’s a snapshot of the business metrics dashboard the we’re going to be using to measure ourselves internally this year (and beyond):

Looking back on 2013 – we really didn’t pay too much attention to tracking and logging product data or business metrics. We’ve had Google Analytics on the marketing page, Mixpanel in the app, and have been using basic accounting software linked up with our bank account from the beginning.

We’d check in on certain numbers over time, but really, before a certain point, most of what a startup does is qualitative. 2013 was a year of building, shipping, and selling something people would find useful. And it doesn’t take many numbers to measure that. It takes more phone calls, emails, and basic observation.

But looking forward to 2014 – it feels right. It feels like it’s about that time that these numbers are going to grow into themselves and actually become meaningful, useful metrics which we can use to make our product and our business stronger.

It’s a work in progress, so please -share your feedback if you have any!