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Here are some resources that you can use to make the most of your SimpleCrew marketing – a few graphics, and the copy that we’ve found to work best in selling the app.

Feel free to take/use as needed (or not – cool either way). If you come up with any other copy ideas that work well, let us know!


You can get a good feel for the design/branding we put forward, as well as the best copy/benefits/selling points we’ve dialed in on our website:

Click on any of the images below to download a hi-res version.

1. Full Logo

2. Pin Icon

3. Explainer Graphic


Here’s the messaging that we found works great for selling SimpleCrew. Again, feel free to take and use however you please. Let us know if you’ve found any adaptations that work well too.


SimpleCrew is the worlds most advanced street team management platform ever, on mobile and web. It streamlines the reporting process for your street team marketing campaigns (posters, flyer drops, social media efforts, etc…), making your team more accountable, powerful, and profitable.

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Why use SimpleCrew?

See exactly what your team is doing in the field and online. Finally.
When your team shares photos and screenshots of the work they’re doing in the field and online, you’ll see organized reports showing exactly what’s happening, who’s doing it, when, and where. Finally.

Everything you need to manage your team, all in one place.
No more switching back and forth between email, Dropbox, and a million social media profiles. SimpleCrew makes it dead-simple to track your team’s street- and online marketing, all in one place.

Like working out with a partner, your team will be more engaged and motivated. And with everything shared inside SimpleCrew, your team will work together as one, like never before.

Customers love SimpleCrew

Last month alone, over 7,000 team members shared over 60,000 photos through the app. Many of them can’t imagine how they ever lived without it.

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Now, it's your turn.

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