Quick Start Guide

Thanks for creating an account on SimpleCrew – the revolutionary internal photo sharing app for businesses, that is changing the way teams are communicating, documenting, and verifying work.


At the time of this writing, over 7,000 team members are sharing over 80,000 photos through the app every month!


Now it’s your turn! Follow these quick steps to get acquainted.

STEP 1: Download the Mobile App

First, download the SimpleCrew app on your smartphone.


You and your team will use this app to upload photos pictures into the system.


STEP 2: Snap a pic

Now sign in using the username and password you chose when you created your account.


Click in to the “Example Campaign” from Chipotle.


Notice how it looks a lot like Instagram – your team members will upload photos of the work they’re doing here, and everyone you’ve assigned to the campaign will be able to see what’s being shared.

STEP 3: Check it out online

From your computer, login and check out your dashboard (Click in to the “Example Campaign”.


See your newly posted photo at the top of the timeline. There on the map, you’ll see a pin on the map where you took the photo*.


*If you don’t see a pin, make sure the GPS settings on your phone are enabled. Instructions on our Support page.

Invite Your Team

Now that you see how the app works, let’s get the party started!

STEP 1: Make sure you're logged in

Most of SimpleCrew’s management features happen through the web app, including inviting your team members.


Make sure you’re logged in > app.simplecrew.com

STEP 2: Navigate to the ``People`` page

You’ll find it under the “Team” menu option. From here you’ll be able to invite new team members to your account. You can also manage your existing team.

STEP 3: Click ``Add Person``

Add each team member by email (At this point, you can choose to give the person Administrator access). Our system will handle the rest!


We’ll send them an email explaining what SimpleCrew is, and invite them to create an account and join your team.

Create Your First Campaign

STEP 1: Create a ``New Campaign``

From your dashboard…

STEP 2: Add your team

Fill in a campaign name (required) and a description (optional).


Click “Submit” and start adding team members to the campaign.

Managing a Digital Team?

If you’re like most of our SimpleCrew family, you’re pulling double duty – managing a team both online and offline. These tools are for you!

Facebook Invite All

Facebook Invite All is a free browser extension that makes it easy for you to select all your friends when inviting people to like your Facebook page or to join your Facebook event.


Learn more and Download it for free at simplecrew.com/facebook-invite-all

SimpleCrew Web Clipper

SimpleCrew Web Clipper is a free browser extension that lets you grab and upload screenshots to SimpleCrew campaigns from anywhere on the web, without leaving the page you’re on.


Learn more and download it for free at simplecrew.com/webclipper


Just as SimpleCrew changed the game for “boots on the ground” street teams, CrewFire is revolutionizing the way teams recruit, manage and incentivize digital armies of Brand Ambassadors.


For the first time, you can see exactly who is sharing your content across various social media platforms. More importantly, our leaderboard gamifies social sharing and allows you to identify and incentivize your rockstars – not to mention gauge the overall reach and engagement of your blasts and campaigns as a whole.


Interested? Check it out at crewfire.com or contact me directly for a demo.


Check out our Support Page or drop us a line. We’re happy to help 🙂