Recent Server Issues on SimpleCrew

Over the past week and half, SimpleCrew has been experiencing heavy load issues on our servers that have been causing crashing system-wide.

Users may be experiencing login issues from both the mobile app and via the website, photo upload failures, and slow connections during this period.

Mike and I have identified several potential culprits and are actively troubleshooting. In the meantime, it can help if all mobile app users stay up-to-date with the latest versions of our Android and iPhone apps (you can check by clicking here).

Please feel free to reach out as you encounter bugs or app issues, or if you have any other support questions. You can reach me at [email protected], or by calling (302)364-0442.

-Alan VanToai

Alan VanToai

Alan is a Co-Founder of SimpleCrew, and manages SimpleCrew's marketing, distribution, and design.

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