SimpleCrew Support

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If you don’t see what you need, or have any other questions, shoot us an email at [email protected]. Mike or I will respond within a business day.

Getting started.

How to invite your team members.
You can invite team members to your SimpleCrew account via email. After logging in, click on the “Team” tab, and select the “People” option. On the People page, click the “Add Person” button, and you’ll be able to invite team members by entering their email addresses.


How to create a marketing campaign in SimpleCrew.
To create a new campaign, click the “New Campaign” button on your dashboard. You’ll need to enter a Campaign Name, and an optional description. After creating the new campaign, you can assign team members to it. Important: your team members can only see and upload photos to campaigns that they’ve been assigned to.


How to track social media campaigns using SimpleCrew.
You can use SimpleCrew to track your teams progress on social media campaigns such as Facebook posts, event invites, Tweets, and Instagram posts.Have your team submit screen shots of the work they’ve done to SimpleCrew campaigns. You’ll see timelines showing all the work they’ve submitted from their online work.


Getting the SimpleCrew App.
Download the official SimpleCrew apps in the iOS App Store or Android Play Market. You can use those links, or search “SimpleCrew” on your phone’s app store.

Using the app.

GPS not working (Android).
1. Open your normal Camera app
2. Click on the gear icon
3. Scroll down to GPS Tagging and “Enable”


GPS not working (iPhone).
Settings > Privacy > Location Settings: Find SimpleCrew and toggle ON


Photos uploaded from camera roll not showing in timeline.
If you’re uploading photos from your camera roll and not seeing them in the timeline, scroll down! Our app places photos in the timeline depending on the time they were taking. So, if you’re uploading older photos, they might be placed somewhere down the timeline.


Export your team’s contact information.
Copy your team’s info on the “Team” page by selecting all the contents and pressing Command + C (Mac) or Control + C (Windows). Open an Excel or Google Doc Spreadsheet, and paste (Command or Control + V). The data will be formatted into the same rows/columns they were in originally.


Changing your password.
For now, you can change your password by logging out of the app, and clicking the “Forgot Your Password?” link at You’ll receive an email that will let you change your password.


Downloading all your photos.
Company Owners and Admins of Basic Packages and above can download photos by clicking on the “Download” button in each campaign. It will download a .zip (archive) of the photos onto your computer.

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