Here's how it works.

Your team takes photos of every poster and flyer they put up, using the mobile app.

The pictures will show you exactly what’s happening on the ground. What was once a major blind spot for you will be clear as day.

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You get organized campaign reports.

See timelines showing all the photos, and information including who took each photo, date and time, and location.

See your team’s progress on a map.

We use the GPS info from your team’s smartphones to pin the location of every photo on a map. You get a bird’s eye view of your team’s progress in the field.

Keep an eye on your team’s social media campaigns.

See the work your team is doing on Facebook, Twitter, Message Boards, etc. Just have them upload screenshots to a SimpleCrew campaign.

Detailed stats will keep your team on track.

The Stats tab gives you a breakdown of your team’s stats, so you can see who’s working hard to drive your team forward.

Report your work to clients (and internally) with ease.

SimpleCrew makes it easy to report your team’s work to your clients. Just send them the Public Share Link for any campaign, and they can follow along as you do your thing.

Easily download all your photos.

Download all the photos in a campaign with a single click. Great for keeping photos for your own records.


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