SimpleCrew Web Clipper

Grab and upload screenshots to SimpleCrew campaigns from anywhere on the web, without leaving the page you’re on.

Download for Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

What is Web Clipper?

Teams use SimpleCrew to track the progress of marketing work being done online – on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and on message boards.


Before, your team members would do this by taking screenshots of their work, then logging on to SimpleCrew and uploading the screenshots to the appropriate campaign.


It was a multi-step process, and could take your team members a while to go through.


Now, with SimpleCrew Web Clipper, your team members can grab and upload screenshots directly to SimpleCrew campaigns, without leaving the page they’re on.

Here's how it works.

1. Click the Web Clipper icon, and select which campaign you want to upload the photo to.

2. Select the region you want to capture.

3. Web Clipper grabs the screenshot and uploads it directly to SimlpeCrew.

Download for Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.