Track your street team’s progress in the field and online.

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It’s simple

1. Your team uploads photos and screenshots of the work they’re doing through the mobile app or website.

2. You get timelines showing all the photos, and information including who took each photo, date and time, and location.

See an example campaign from All Good Music Festival.

Trusted by the smartest teams in the business

Trusted by the smartest teams in the business

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See exactly what’s happening in the field.

What was once a major blind spot for you is now clear as day. Your team’s photos will show you exactly what’s happening on the ground.

See your team’s progress on a map.

We use the GPS info from your team’s smartphones to pin the location of every photo on a map. You get a birds-eye-view of your team’s progress in the field.

Keep an eye on your team’s social media campaigns.

See the work your team is doing on Facebook, Twitter, Message Boards, etc. Just have them upload screenshots to a SimpleCrew campaign.

Detailed metrics keep your team on track.

The Stats tab gives you a breakdown of your team’s stats, so you can see who’s working hard to drive your team forward.

Your entire team working as one.

With all this information front and center for your whole team to see, everyone will work together more effectively. It’s like working out with a partner: when you know you’re not alone, you’re inspired to do your best work.

Report your work to clients (and internally) with ease.

SimpleCrew makes it easy to report your team’s work to your clients. Just send them the Public Share Link for any campaign, and they can follow along as you do your thing.

On the Web, iOS, and Android.

Our official apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, as well as right here on the web.

Supercharge your street team today.