Read stories of some of SimpleCrew’s most successful customers

Chicago-based property preservation company D.A.W.G.S. Inc. uses SimpleCrew to help scale their business 500% through better field team management by the unique use of photos.
The thing that makes your product stand out from anything we’ve ever used is how simple it is to use.
Brandon Buhai
Door & Window Guard Systems (D.A.W.G.S.) Inc.
New Orleans music festival brand BUKU Music + Art Festival taps into other grassroots markets using SimpleCrew as a street team tracking and accountability tool.
I don’t know how we would determine team rankings or team rewards without SimpleCrew because we use it to directly play into how we reward our team.
Lauren Blouin
Marketing Coordinator at BUKU Music + Arts Festival
Denver-based grassroots agency Blackspy Marketing has built an entire street team management infrastructure on SimpleCrew.
Once we were able to utilize SimpleCrew for all of our campaigns, it just became the norm. Now, before we add anybody to our street teams, we ask if they have a smartphone, because if they don’t, they won’t be able to use SimpleCrew, so they’re not a good fit.
Jon Eisenberg
Owner of Blackspy Marketing
Winter Circle Productions is an independent promotion and production house founded in New Orleans in 2008
We do roughly 200 shows per year and at least 50-60% of our shows have a street team. We use SimpleCrew fully for accountability purposes.
Taran Cornejo
Senior Marketing Manager at Winter Circle Productions