Have an easy system for holding your street team members accountable

SimpleCrew give you a birds-eye-view of your team’s promo out in the field. All done with photos on a Google map.

Hundreds of accountable street
teams, and counting...

Street Team
Management App

Street teams work way better when managers have an easy system to hold their team members accountable and have all the information in one place.

SimpleCrew is the only app built specifically for street team accountability.

Our Clients Love Us

Lauren Blouin
Marketing Manager at BUKU Music + Art Project
“If we didn’t have SimpleCrew, we would have to find another way to hold everyone accountable for the work that they’re doing. It’s easy to go look at the Louisville or New York team’s uploads and see what they’ve been posting.”
Eddie Laureno
Management Coordinator at The Elevation Group
We were either relying on trust or photo text messages. The photos would come in waves and were easy to lose track of. Now we’re more organized and love that we can see all the work on an interactive map.”
Taran Cornejo
Senior Marketing Manager at Winter Circle Productions
"We do roughly 200 shows per year and at least 50-60% of our shows have a street team. We use SimpleCrew fully for accountability purposes."

Here’s how it works

Your team takes photos of every poster and flyer they put up, using the mobile app.

The pictures will show up in one organized folder. What was once a major blind spot for you will now be clear as day.

The app gives you organized campaign reports.

You’ll see timelines showing all the photos, who took each photo, dates and times, and GPS location.

See your team’s progress on an interactive map.

We use GPS info from your team’s smartphone to pin the location of every photo on a map. So you get a bird’s eye view of your team’s progress in the field.

Post screenshots of your team’s social media posts.

Have your team upload screenshots of their social media posts to SimpleCrew campaigns. See the work your teams is doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Message Boards, etc.

Detailed stats to see how many photos each team member has posted.

The Stats tab gives you a breakdown of your team’s photo stats, so you can see who’s working hard to drive your team forward.

Report your work to clients and managers with ease.

SimpleCrew makes it easy to report your team’s work to your clients. Just send them the Public Share Link for any campaign, and they can go in to see the campaign progress.

One click to download all your photos.

Download all the photos in a campaign to your computer. This is ideal for keeping photos for your own records in case you need to pull them later.


”SimpleCrew has never been a headache. It’s so easy, it’s the easiest thing. That’s the way it should be. It shouldn’t be difficult.”

Stefanie May, Marketing Director at The Capitol Theatre

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