We’re a team of developers,
marketers, writers and designers
working all over the world.

We’re a team of
developers, marketers,
writers and designers
working all over the world.

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We’re obsessively passionate about helping businesses who rely on their teams
out in the field to have better, easier systems running in the background. That
way they can focus on growing – and ideally scaling – their businesses.

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Michael McCabe

Michael McCabe

Co-Founder & CEO

Mike spends his days overseeing SimpleCrew’s product, operations and marketing. So, basically everything. As the founder and CEO, he’s given himself special privileges for long-winded (but weirdly insightful) speeches to the team at random times you’ll never predict. He calls these speeches “thinking out loud.”

On a more serious note, Mike has spent the last 7 years solving and simplifying problems for field teams. His goal is to get SimpleCrew into the hands of every field team, and won’t rest until he does.

Outside of work, he’s a guitar-playing, twice-per-week yoga class-attending, ski-loving outdoor enthusiast who travels the world for extremely long periods of time. Since he lives in Seattle, Washington, he gets super excited when he sees the sun once per week.

Maksim Korinets

Maksim Korinets

Lead Backend Developer

Maksim has literally been writing code since 5th grade (he’s 41 now), and says he’s always looking for new ways to do old, boring things.

He’s originally from Moscow, Russia, but lives in Vietnam with his wife and kid. His pet cat shows plenty of face during Uberconference calls.

Here’s a list of things Maksim likes to do:
• Coding and web development.
• Being enthused about technology.
• Ice making?
• Tending to his koi pond.

Brooks Lockett

Brooks Lockett

Growth Marketer

Brooks is a marketer in a copywriter’s t-shirt. He heads up our inbound and email marketing. Plus he writes all our copy.

He takes pride in how punctual he is — showing up exactly on time for every Uberconference call, not a minute later or earlier. The rest of us don’t really notice or care.

Professionally, he’s spent the last 3 years doing digital marketing for SaaS companies.

When he’s not working or sleeping, he’s outside hiking, roadtripping, or falling off of his mountain bike in the foothills of the mountains in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Emy Lascan

Emy Lascan

UX/UI Designer

Emy helped more than 80 SaaS companies to increase user adoption through better onboarding and user experience design.

He works remote only, lives in Romania and have more than 12 years of experience and have serviced over 130 million users on all startups.

After work, you can catch him at the gym, where is training every day without missing a session.

He have strong experience and worked with few big company names like: Microsoft, Spotify, and Netflix

Nazar Kurdydyk

Nazar Kurdydyk

Marketing Ops Manager

Nazar wears many hats. Marketing Operations Manager, father, husband, proud parrot owner. Emphasis on the proud.

He spends his working hours building all our marketing automations, swimming in our funnel data and figuring out what’s working, and making our tech stack work. That’s a lot of pressure for a fully remote team.

After work, you can catch him running a 5k, taking care of his daughter or reading big, heavy leather-bound books where he lives in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Fedir Klymenko

Fedir Klymenko

Lead Mobile Developer

Fedir leads our mobile development for Android and iOS, and has been working with mobile applications for over 6 years.

He takes remote work to another level. He even organized his own co-working space in Lviv, Ukraine where he lives.

He’s got a laundry list of hobbies, including skiing, football (not the American kind), lifting weights and traveling. He especially loves going to Egypt for some reason?

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