Measuring Your Brand: Esteem vs. Awareness

There’s a simple exercise that is incredibly powerful when considering marketing, advertising, or branding a company. The practice can be applied to anything – a product, an event, even ourselves – by simply considering two variables: Esteem and Awareness.


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Starting Up? Beware the Hype.

As we’ve watched our announcement make it’s way around, we’ve appreciated the sudden spikes in our social followers and likes, the new blog subscriptions, and our first flows of web traffic and new account creations. It’s obviously been great to see, but with it all, we’ve kept one important concept in mind: The Hype Cycle.


(Adapted from Wikipedia)

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A Simple Rebrand

We’re right around the corner from rolling out our first app to the world, and with that in mind, we figured it was due time for a rebrand 🙂
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