Mobile Stats from Meekers “Internet Trends”

I mentioned Mary Meeker’s “2012 Internet Trends” presentation in last week’s post “The Mobile Generation“.


These were my favorite slides from the presentation, illustrating the optimistic outlook and huge upside still open for the mobile sector:


The slides on “re-imagining”¬†were some of my favorite in the entire 88 page deck, and of them, the “Connectivity” and “Photography” re-imagined slides really hit the nail on the head with what we’re working to do with SimpleCrew.


So much can be communicated with photos, and for the first time ever, SimpleCrew offers teams an easy way to share and organize photos across a team.


It’s a re-imagining of connectivity for teams, with photographs as the medium. And it’s all up and to the right.

Alan VanToai

Alan is a Co-Founder of SimpleCrew, and manages SimpleCrew's marketing, distribution, and design.

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