How this real estate investor outsourced his bandit signs

written by

Mike McCabe

posted on

April 20, 2022

written by

Mike McCabe

posted on

April 20, 2022
computer to attract sign placers

A while back, a curious real estate investor replied to one of my emails.

Based on his tone, he sounded fed up.

It seemed he was tired of posting up bandit signs himself

He wrote to me:

“My struggle right now is trying to find someone to hang the bandit signs for me. Have any advice on that?”

I assumed he no longer wanted to do all the manual work, like driving around in the early morning to put those bandit signs up. Only to have the sign police rip it down the next hour.

But, if he were to hire a full-time sign placer … his life will be a lot easier.

Problem was … I only knew WHERE to hire a sign placer, but I didn't know HOW to hire a sign placer.

I’ve heard from multiple customers that Craigslist is still the best way to hire sign placers as long as you post a job in the “Gigs” section under “event” or “labor.”

That’s where my advice would end for him. I had no idea how to craft a highly effective job post.

So much for being helpful, right? 🤦‍♂️

Besides, hiring a sign placer can be … tricky.

How much do we pay them? Do you pay for their gas? (especially with the rising gas prices) Where to find them? What to say?

Honestly, at the time, I didn’t have an answer.

I believed outsourcing your bandit signs couldn’t be done in a few days, It is just too time-consuming.

Or so I thought.

And as I had given up …


I got another email. From the real estate investor.

Apparently, while I was busy yapping to myself about how hard it is to hire sign placers.

He wrote to me saying:

He already found 5 potential sign placers! (all qualified)

And all that was left from him was to interview one of those 5 applicants. Soon, he would never need to manually put out bandit signs again.

I thought, wow.

That was quick.

I asked him, how did you find a sign placer so fast!?

The secret was not some kind of trick.

But, rather it was that he had written a …

Dead …

Simple …

… Job post.

That job post found him 5 quality candidates, some of the best he could’ve asked for.

I quickly thought how my readers, like you, would probably LOVE to have a “job post” like the one he wrote.

So, I asked him to see it.

And to my surprise, he was kind enough to share the exact job post that he used to hire a sign placer.

I then turned his job post and made it into a … template.

Which will help you quickly hire a sign placer, regardless of the niche you’re in.

If this is something that you need, well, I’ve packed it into a hefty PDF along with a bunch of solid tips.

And I’m calling it …

The Ultimate ‘Job Post Template’
For Hiring A Sign Placer

Template for hiring a sign placer

It’s a template that helps you write a job post for a sign placer.

It shows you what to look for in a sign placer and some of the most important precautions to take.

This template also answers burning questions I hear all the time:

1. What’s the best rate to pay for a sign placer?
2. How to filter out bad candidates?
3. How to systematize your entire sign placement?

You can read it for free.

It’s something I wish I had long ago. Surprisingly, not a lot of answers are floating around the web.

(Hiring sign placers is something that doesn’t get talked about a lot.)

So, if you’ve tried to stop posting signs yourself … but haven’t gotten to the hiring part, then press the green button below to download the job post template 👇

Mike McCabe


Last time we spoke he was successfully tracking all of his bandit sign placements using SimpleCrew.


Here’s the link again:

Click here and get the job post template

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Mike McCabe

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