Should you hire a yard sign placement service or a sign placer?

written by

Mike McCabe

posted on

December 16, 2021

written by

Mike McCabe

posted on

December 16, 2021

Rolling the dice — between hiring a sign placement service or hiring YOUR own sign placer — is a tough one.

Because it depends on your situation.

To help YOU choose, we wrote this article.

Shall we begin?

Now, we’ll first jump into the pros and cons of a ‘yard sign placement service’. Then, we’ll zoom into the pros and cons of a ‘personal sign placer’.

1. What are the PROS of a Yard Sign Placement Service?

An agency is amazing. They hire, train, and manage teams of sign placers so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Additionally, a good sign placement service should do these important tasks for you:

1. Pick up signs
2. Write signs
3. Place signs
4. Proof of placement
5. Consult on where to place

Another major benefit is this. You’re NOT the bottleneck!

So, you can scale up to a giant team that can put out thousands of signs and it’ll be helluva lot easier.

That said, however, all of these benefits do come at a greater cost.

2. What are the CONS a yard sign placement service?

Frankly, we don’t have many bad comments on agencies. But, there are some important downsides:

Higher Price – Each agency has its own pricing formula. And so the price will vary between different agencies. But typically, an agency WILL cost you more than hiring your own sign placer.

If money might be an issue for you, then consider a personal sign placer that you can hire.

Less flexibility – There’s always a middle man. In an agency, any changes or updates will have to go to the middle man BEFORE it reaches the sign placers. For some flexibility is important, for others it’s not.

Delayed reporting – Normally, with an agency, you’ll get emailed a report AFTER the sign placement job is done. But if you have an important sign placement strategy, you may want to see the job being done in almost real-time (we’ll show you how in a bit).

3. What are the PROS of hiring your own sign placer

Unlike an agency, hiring your own sign placer comes with unique perks.

Lower Costs – You control the cost. For any sign placement job, you can choose the exact price you want to pay. This is great for bootstrapped businesses that are looking to keep the overhead cost down to the bare minimum.

Greater freedom – There is no middle man. You can chat with your sign placer freely. And make any special requests on the fly. At the same time, you can build a closer relationship with your sign placers. And that has its benefits. For example, sign placers can give you instant updates about what’s on the battlefield so you can make strategic moves on where and how to place your signs.

Those are some of the major benefits.

But if you never hired a sign placer, you do need not to worry. We got you covered at the end of this article.

4. What are the CONS of hiring your own sign placer?

More responsibility – When a sign placer quits, you’ll need to restart the hiring process … again. This includes training them as well (Whereas an agency would already have taken care of that for you.)

Lack of trust – Hiring a sign placer can be risky. Just imagine the nerve-wracking feeling of giving hundreds of yard signs to a sign placer who is still a complete stranger.

Will they throw out your signs in the garbage? Will they place the signs to your instructions?

You’ll never really know, unless you have “proof” that each yard sign was placed. But there is a solution. For getting that “proof”, you can use our smartphone app SimpleCrew that forces your sign placers to take a photo of each yard sign they put up, which will guarantee ALL your signs were placed.

To wrap it up this article:

By now, I believe you have a good idea which option is best in your situation.

If you believe a yard sign placement service is right for you, then a quick Google search will pull up the best agencies in your area.

Or -

If you believe hiring a sign placer is right for you, we have the perfect resource to get you started 👇

This template will help you with writing a job post, deciding on what price to pay, where to find a sign placer, and many more nuances.

We understand it can be hard to process everything.

But we got your back.

If you need any help with hiring a sign placer, just message us anytime.

Best of luck!

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