SimpleCrew and You: The Concert Promoter

Our goal at SimpleCrew is, well, simple. We want to make your field team more effective, and more accountable.


Street teams are close to our heart. In fact, SimpleCrew itself was inspired by the problems we felt while working and managing street teams. We’ve spent years managing grassroots marketing campaigns on behalf of our favorite concert promoters, festivals, and brands. We’ve been there, felt the pain, and are here to help.


For street teams, photos can play a critical role in documenting the marketing work for bosses and clients, and keeping the entire team accountable and on-track, but the current solutions for collecting photos are a mess – point and shoot cameras, photo uploads, email attachments, desktop folders. It isn’t hard to imagine a better way.


After dozens of conversations with street teams in the event promotion realm, we uncovered a startling fact – the average promoter spends between $50-$200 per event on printed marketing materials, but most have little or no system in place for seeing how the materials are being distributed.


Some teams require photos of marketing work in progress. If you already to this, you’ll know that collecting photos from teams can be a bit like pulling teeth. It can be hard to get people to send you quality photos in a timely fashion, let alone a whole team. The current solutions are kind of a pain.


Still, other teams don’t require photos. Knowing how much of a hassle it is to take and submit photos currently, many managers skip the entire process, and opt instead to just distribute their materials and take write off any inefficiencies as part of the game.


With SimpleCrew, we make the photo submission and collection process a breeze. With our solution, managers don’t have to worry about adding to their team member’s burden. Uploading and sharing photos from the field has never been easier. And with SimpleCrew, all photos are submitted with location information, so you can get a birds-eye-view of the reporting work in progress.


Interested in getting started? Request an invite and we’ll be in touch!

Alan VanToai

Alan is a Co-Founder of SimpleCrew, and manages SimpleCrew's marketing, distribution, and design.

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