The most infamous yard sign in Texas

written by

Mike McCabe

posted on

December 2, 2021

written by

Mike McCabe

posted on

December 2, 2021
Yard sign with text 'Your lawn was not treated today, your neighbor's was'

Today a video of a controversial yard sign in Texas appeared in my news feed.

It was about a Texan man who was pissed off for finding this yard sign on his lawn:

Yard sign with text 'Your lawn was not treated today, your neighbor's was'

Was Dr. Green out of his mind!

Shaming is a great persuasive technique … but not directly at your prospects.

(The irony is the Texan man actually ended up cleaning his lawn 😂)

I’ll give Dr.Green a hand though.

I instantly noticed … their sign is doing something extraordinarily well!

Which is “getting people’s attention”.

After all, this yard sign got millions of views and was featured on major news stations.

In fact, this yard sign is an excellent example of how to do so.

And I can show you how to profit from it by using it in your own yard signs.

See, the Dr.Green sign is using a little sneaky persuasion technique called:

“Breaking a schema”

This means doing something against what people normally expect.

See what I mean?

The empty space above is a “break-in schema”, which is why it is grabbing your attention.

Dr.Green’s yard sign follows the same principle.

Case in point:

You should experiment with your yard signs
by doing something that violates your market’s expectations.

Your yard signs should be different from the signs around it.

Use different wording … a different design … or a different location, something that your market won’t expect to see.

In doing so, you will get more results.

Speaking of results …our software, SimpleCrew, has been growing at a steady pace this year.

Especially after the recent release for our reduced pricing plan.

Anyone who is using yard signs and that needs to manage and keep track of their signs … should check SimpleCrew out.

More deets:

But, if you’re Dr.Green … then don’t check it out.

We don’t support lawn shaming.

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