100+ App Installs on Android :)

I was checking out our developer stats for our Android app today and saw that we broke the 100 installs benchmark earlier this week! It actually happened on my birthday, January 28 🙂


As of today, Sunday Feb 3, we’re at 105 Total User Installs on Android, and 83 “Active Device Installs”. I’m honestly not sure what usage benchmarks Google is using to define an active vs inactive user, but 83 out of 105 sounds good to me 🙂


I’d share our iOS stats, but, oddly, Apple’s “Sales and Trends” dashboard for app developers doesn’t give you an easy way to visualize how many total app downloads you have. Weird.


Anyways… Upward and to the right! Go Ravens!

Alan VanToai

Alan is a Co-Founder of SimpleCrew, and manages SimpleCrew's marketing, distribution, and design.

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